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Ringo Starr to join Joshua Creek

In April 1 breaking news, Joshua Creek announced this morning that legendary Beatles drummer Ringo Starr will join the band  for the Latvia-Lithuania leg of their summer concert tour.

While Ringo is well known for singing "Honey Don't" and other songs, he is now set to sing "Honey Do" for Joshua Creek on these special dates.

"RIngo's voice will allow us to do 5-part harmonies on "Honey Do" and other songs," said Joshua Creek guitarist and musical director Ron Saltmarsh.

This leaves fans wondering what's happened with current drummer James Hollister and his Cajon sidekick "Javier." But not to worry: Joshua Creek will continue in the tradition of other great bands like The Doobie Brothers, 38 Special and Yes, by using two drummers.

In other news, no dates have actually been added to the Latvia/Lithuania leg of the tour as of now, but all the Utah summer dates can be seen here.

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