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The fourth studio album from the Pearl-Award-winning Joshua Creek is now available. From upbeat contemporary country to inspirational pop-rock, the 12 tracks on “American Day” take the band to a whole new level of songwriting, performance and studio production. Like the soundtrack to a series of modern-day Norman Rockwell paintings, Joshua Creek pays tribute to the ordinary, everyday heroes found in our families, our work and our wars. From the moving “Where Heroes Go,” to the patriotic “Bring Him Home,” to the comedic “Grandpa was a Rock Star” you’ll find everyone in your family laughing, crying — and tapping their feet to the inspirational sounds of Joshua Creek.


Track Listing: 1- Flying to Freedom 2- American Day 3- Where Heroes Go 4- The First Mechanic’s Church of Abilene 5- Bring Him Home 6- What Love Really Means 7- Captain Jones 8- Max Austin 9- That Far 10- Grandpa Was a Rock Star 11- Don’t Wait For Perfect 12 - Bad Math.

American Day CD

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