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“Pieces of Time,” (2016) continues in the band’s tradition of lyrical storytelling and soaring harmonies, with Jeff Hinton’s lead vocals sometimes being described as a mix of a contemporary John Denver and classic James Taylor. Each song captures a different moment in time with those moments lasting anywhere from a few hours, to a few months, to an entire lifetime.

Includes five new songs, five karaoke tracks, as well as a downloadable guitar fake book with chords, lyrics and session photo album. (See inside cover or bonus PDF to download the guitar fake book.)

Track listing: Where The Red River Runs, Promise You’ll Stay, That Oak Tree, Radio Dawn, Good Night, Where The Red River Runs (karaoke), Promise You’ll Stay (karaoke), That Oak Tree (karaoke), Radio Dawn (karaoke), Good Night (karaoke).

Pieces of Time

$9.95 Regular Price
$8.95Sale Price
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